Free manuscript editing service:

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Submit your English manuscript to for free editing. We will give you the free manuscript editing service you have been looking for.

We are happy to inform you of the free English language editing service provided by We have realized that several people have manuscripts kept for months or years only because they lack access to good editors or they can’t afford the fees charged for professional editing. This is an opportunity to get your manuscript edited and sent to the publisher just as soon as you want. You don’t have to worry about payment. The bill is not your burden.

Basically, we read your manuscript to ensure it is rid of wrong spellings, eliminate any bad grammar, and fix inconsistencies. Any grammatically expression will be fished out and replaced with the correct form. Punctuation is one very technical problem in written communication. Punctuation mistakes are capable of creating serious communication problems not expected by the writers. This free service will help fix any language problem in your manuscript.

At the moment, we only accept manuscripts written in English. In the future, we hope to extend our services to include works in other languages such as French, German and Chinese. That will come as soon as we get those to do the work.

Who does the work?

Experts do the work. You may have heard that there are apps used for editing language. You also may have heard that those apps can’t do the work as expected. Therefore, we wish to assure that your manuscript will be read by English language experts. There is no risk involved and there is no need for skepticism, after all you can see for yourself when your manuscript is returned to you.

What can you get from this free editing service?

  • Proofreading (up to 10000 words)
  • Editing
  • Copy editing

Who is qualified for free editing service?

  • Non-native writers
  • Scholars
  • Fiction writers
  • Freelancers
  • Bloggers/online content creators
  • Others can ask before submitting their works.

What do we work on?

  • Fiction manuscript
  • Scholarly articles
  • Blog posts
  • News items
  • Promotional articles
  • Business proposals
  • Letters (employment/cover)
  • Reports
  • Documentaries
  • Biographies/autobiographies
  • Others

Here you go. Make your first submission to enjoy this free manuscript editing service.



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