Etinosa Idemudia the Actress Uses the Bible as Ashtray: Who is Mocked, God or Man?

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Etinosa Idemodia

The action of the distressed actress, using the bible as ashtray, has caused a lot of raising of eyebrows as people wondered why a reasonable person will smoke cigarette and shake the ashes in the pages of the bible. Some said she is insane to do that why some believed she is distress. The latter group tried to encourage her by advising that she should not get so angry with God as there many other people going through similar circumstance.

Etinosa Idemudia is lashed with unpleasant words. She is warned not to do that with the Koran or she would die. But she responded that she would do nothing less than that with the Koran if it is brought to her. Anyway, the threats did not suggest that God will strike her, but that the Muslims (described by some as Boko Haram) will kill her in no time.

Who is mocked: God or Man?

This is the main question. Who should be angry? In response to Idemudia’s ungodly act, people show grave anger against her. Insults and causes are hurled at her. But how angry would God be? If God gets so angry as expressed in the comments against her, she might not live a minute more. In fact, she is threatened with Muslems rather than the wroth of God. Could it be that God is happy with the responses of the people? This is another question. Etinosa Idemudia is angry with God, not with man. Perhaps what she needs is advice on how to access God and receive mercy.
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