Why Students Fail English Language Examinations

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Failure in examination is a general phenomenon experienced in every area of life, and there are diverse reasons to explain this. The fact that it is experienced by anybody does not mean that the cause or the resulting effect is universal. This is something people who yearn to succeed in life dread, but it is, no doubt, a step on the staircase to success. Failure makes some people stronger and others weary. The ones that became weary are eventually tagged with the name “failure”. Those who succeed get over their moments and experience of failure, and they become envied by those that fall along the way. You may have failed a number of times, but because you are reading this, it means that you are not willing to give up. That is a potent tool for those who wish to succeed. That you failed today does not mean that you have failed for life. It only means that you have not got it right yet. Tests are not administered to identify failures, they are administered to examine how well the teaching and learning engagements are going – whether or not learning is taking place. Now let’s see some reasons why students fail English language examinations.

The deceptive assumption that it is easy to pass

Several times I have interacted with students to know their opinion about English Language as a subject, whether or not they would describe it as difficult or easy. The answer is always that it is easy. Yes, that may be true. After all, is the language we speak everywhere, everyday. But then we fail to realise that correctness is not so much a problem in interaction as it is in examination, especially in writing. No matter how you construct you grammar, the presence of certain key words enables the hearer to understand the intended meaning of the speaker, and he or she is okay since the information is passed. The situation is not the same in exams. In exams, the examiner is not really looking for information or communication, he or she is looking for correctness. So, though you may communicate, but if your communication does not observe given rules, you can fail. Therefore students should not be content with mediocrity. They should strive to be perfect.

Lack of adequate systematic language study it deserves is a reason Why Students Fail English Language

English language is a structure that is built up through time. If the foundation of a building, for example, is not firm enough to carry the weight of the building, it is likely to collapse any time. The same situation affects the study of English Language. A person cannot start learning spelling of words if he or she has not properly mastered the letters of the alphabet. Also, a person who cannot handle words should not attempt to construct phrases let alone clauses. It is realised that in the highest grade in secondary school, a good number of students cannot answer questions on topics they were taught in their previous classes. As soon as they are promoted to the next class, they often feel that the knowledge acquired in the lower class is no longer needed. They throw it away to get new one. Unfortunately, without the previous knowledge, the current knowledge will not stand. This means that students should always be willing to pick books from their previous classes to read in order to be better prepared for the greater challenges ahead.

Inadequate treatment of language teachers by the government

Especially in African countries, teachers have always been disregarded in terms of remuneration, which has led to the establishment of the saying “The teacher’s reward is in Heaven”. There is yet no clear reason why teachers are so poorly treated yet expected to do much. However, the reasons would include the belief that teachers are much – anybody who knows something can teach something, so he automatically becomes a teacher. And because the government or school owners feel that they could always get a replacement if a teacher refuses to accept the payment he is offered, they tend not to give them the desired attention.

The government does not provide adequate facilities

If in a school the require facilities to enhance learning are not provided, students performances are very likely to be low. Even old stuff like chalk and black boards are not available in some schools how much more current facilities like computers, projections etc. students in this condition cannot favourably compete with students in states where those facilities are common.

Staff do not get their due remuneration

Teachers are usually the low paid in the society such that the word teacher is now almost likened to poverty, especially in some African countries with Nigeria as one. If the teacher is not happy; if he cannot eat well and take good care of his family, how can he be very productive?  When you see a teacher driving a good car or living in a good house, you can be sure he has other sources of income. This becomes a distraction. No matter how hard a teacher strives to give his best in teaching, he may not achieve it to the level he would like because he has to live not just survive, to help someone else succeed.

Corruption as Why Students Fail English Language

It sounds odd to included corruption in this list, perhaps; but it is true that there are a lot of other serious problems that are believed to have negligible effect on education in Nigeria, where as they might be the door way for the more physical problems. Corruption affects everything, and everything includes educational performance. This happens where monies that are meant to be used in procuring educational equipment, payment of staff salaries, sponsorship of educational programs etc. are not put to proper use – are diverted to personal accounts, to be precise

There are a lot of other issues that contribute to poor students’ performances but if these few can be handled, the others are very likely to die out naturally. That is because the others are only tailed to these core reasons Why Students Fail English Language.

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